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Linda Kays Studios Artist Character Dolls

Linda Kays Studios offer unique hand sculptured artist dolls ranging from Santas, Elves, and Gnomes to everyday elder characters, celebritries, and Fantasy pieces.

Each doll starts out by hand sculpturing using a polymer clay or plastiline clay.  The artist spends a great deal of time to bring out the character's personality in the facial features.  Glass eyes and natural wool fleeces and furs are used in combination to get the characters desired look.

The bodies are constructed by using a wire armature for the skeleton, and wrapping and stuffing with batting and fiberfil.  A body stocking made from stretchable fabric is then sewn to cover the entire body.

If the doll is to be reproduced in resin or silicone, the artist makes a silicone mold of the original sculptured piece. Then a resin cast is poured and cured under pressure.  Linda Kays Studios only produces low edition sizes to keep up the value of each piece.  Every portion of the doll making process is artist produced.

Linda Kays Studios also supplies a casting service to the artist.  She creates molds, and reproduction pieces from the artist's original sculpture, wood carving, or proto-type, so that the artist can take their creation to a new level.