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Linda Kays Studios offers unique hand sculptured artist characters ranging from Santas, Elves, Fairies and Gnomes to everyday elder characters, celebritries, and Steampunk pieces.  Linda Kays-Biviano has been sculpturing artist characters since 1990 and has won numerous awards and has been featured in many magazines and publications for her work.  Her artwork has been shipped worldwide.

Linda has just recently retired from Norwich Pharmaceuticals where she was a Training Coordinator and blending technician for 11 years. Now she will be sculpturing and creating full time, and will be submitting new work for sale, continuously. Linda Kays Studios has an ecommerce site that you will be able to buy online at

Linda Kays Studios is proud to announce the joining of an additional artist, Margaret Kreiner. Margaret Kreiner is a Santa Artist that has joined with Linda Kays-Biviano in the creation of Life-size Santas that they market to commercial accounts such as Malls and Casinos. You can view these wonderful museum quality Santas  at

How Characters are Made:   Each doll starts out by hand sculpturing the head, hands, and feet (if applicable) using a polymer clay or plastiline clay.  The artist spends a great deal of time to bring out the character's personality in the facial features.  Glass eyes and natural wool fleeces and furs are used in combination to get the characters desired look.

The bodies are constructed by using a wire armature for the skeleton, and wrapping and stuffing with batting and fiberfil.  A body stocking made from stretchable fabric is then sewn to cover the entire body.

Costuming is all handmade by the artist.  She uses recycled fabrics and recycled furs to create unique characters.  All are designed and sewn by the artist.

Throughout the years of doll making, Linda Kays-Biviano  became a master mold maker and resin/silicone caster.  She made molds and cast for artist all over the world. 

If one of her character dolls is to be a limite edition in resin or silicone, the artist makes a silicone mold of the original sculptured piece. Then a resin cast is poured and cured under pressure.  Linda Kays Studios only produces low edition sizes to keep up the value of each piece.  Every portion of the doll making process is artist produced.

If the character doll is a repeated theme, it will still be a one of a kind, for she hand sculpts the features all different, and though similar, the costuming will be unique, keeping the theme of the character the same.

Linda Kays Studios accepts custom orders. So if you see one of her past creations that you like, contact the artist, and she will be happy to recreate one for you.

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Linda Kays-Biviano

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