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Resin & Silicone Casting
Increase your earning potential by turning your one of a kind art pieces into a limited editions!

      Services Offered:
    • Mold making
    • Resin Casting
    • Silicone Castings for Baby Dolls
    • Proto-type Castings
    • Faux Wood Resin Castings
    • Faux Bronze Resin Casting
    • Cold Cast Porcelain

We are not new to the Art of Silicone Castings!

20 years of experience in the doll making, mold making and resin/silicone casting.  We were one of the first studios that offered silicone casting services to artist worldwide. 

Silicone casting is an art in itself!  Special attention is needed to the types of materials used, the pigmentations, and the special mold making techniques needed for seamless reproduction pieces.  Through a lot of trial and error in our early days of learning,  made us the experts we are today.  We have spent thousands of dollars perfecting formulations for pigmenting the silicone and trying different manufacturer's products to come up with what we consider is the best for the Doll Market.


Serving national and international artist with this technique and sevice.

For more information or to schedule services:


Jennifer Sussmann and Linda Kays-Biviano at Idex 2008, Orlando Fl.

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